The Mission Society provides global missionary support through missionary recruiting, missionary training and equipping church leaders and others to lead international and short-term mission trips. Based in Norcross, GA, The Mission Society was originally formed to support Methodist missionaries, but now works with a variety of Wesleyan denominations offering missionary training, missionary seminars, missionary workshops and church leadership training throughout the United States and around the world.
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Andrew and Margaret Howell spent more than a decade ministering in Paris through the French counterpart of Focus on the Family. They are now based in the US and work to provide counseling, coaching, prayer ministry and training in order to bring about redemption and reconciliation through Jesus Christ. Hear what they have to say about Christianity in Europe.
Fall 2014 | Unfinished 58
The Fellowship of the Called
The Mission Society's quarterly magazine, "Unfinished," will help you keep up with the missionaries, ministries, and worldwide mission trends and issues. The articles here are excerpted from each issue. Subscriptions to "Unfinished" are free.
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